Nokia 5230 Youtube Application

We all know that Youtube is the most popular video site on the web. So watching Youtube videos directly from your phone can be great fun. Nokia 5230 offers fast video streaming via 3G. But the full Youtube site is difficult to access from phone browser due to limited processing power.To tackle this issue Youtube has launched its official Youtube Client for S60 phones.Which let you access the Youtube site to its full potential.


Nokia 5230 Youtube 1

Nokia 5230 Youtube 2

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5 Responses to “Nokia 5230 Youtube Application”

  1. manish Says:


  2. jerome Says:

    Hi all.
    I use the latest YouTube app (version 2.04(4)) and it lacks a great feature : you can’t upload video to your youtube account.
    So basicly, this app is not very usfull if you want to add video from your phone to your account, because youtube app do not support upload on Symbian S3.

  3. hardik Says:

    is there any application that provides direct downloads form youtube to the s60v5.?

  4. jatt Says:

    plz rply


    I LOVE 5230

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