Nokia 5230 Web Browsers

Nokia 5230 is a touchsreen smartphone with big high resolution display.Web browsing on a big display is always a pleasure and high resolution means more information will fit in small space. As we know 5230 is a symbian smatphone, 3rd party developers have made few excellent  web browsers for Nokia 5230 with full touch optimization.The phone’s web browser is itself a great one with Flash and Javascript support.But there are few more browsers which are equally good or even better. The best part is they are  free and ready for one click download.

Skyfire S60v5 Web Browser - Skyfire is the award winning mobile web browser which offers nearly same experience as a PC web browser.

Skyfire S60v5 Web Browser

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Opera Mobile 10 S60v5 Web Browser - Some of the notable features of Opera Mobile 10 are Javascript Support,  Flash Support, Tabbed Browsing Speed Dialing, and Password Manager.

Opera Mobile 10 S60v5 Web Browser

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Opera Mini 5  Wap Browser - An ideal wap browser for slow internet connection. If you don’t have access to 3G,  Opera Mini 5 will perform very well under GPRS connection.

Opera Mini 5 Wap Browser

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Ucweb 7 S60v5 Web Browser - Ucweb browser is another great web browser.It won’t work with wap connection.You will either need GPRS or 3G connection to access Ucweb 7.

Ucweb 7 S60v5 Web Browser

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Digia Web S60v5 Web Browser - Digia Web is a web browser specially designed for S60 touch phones with full finger support.

Digia Web S60v5 Web Browser

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12 Responses to “Nokia 5230 Web Browsers”

  1. Sh0cky Says:

    I need a browser to be fast and have flash support good. Opera Mini 10 or SkyFire? Hm….

  2. Rajesh Says:

    Whether utube video is watchable in d set

  3. meddy Says:

    skifire works good from anotherone

  4. mr.A Says:

    skyfire dznt wrk since jul. 1st ’10…i require a brwsr supporting u tube on nokia 5230…

  5. Watery Says:

    My favorate browser is bolt beta 2 and bolt bitstream.they are like skyfire and have pc interface.they are extremly fast.

  6. tsr Says:

    is there a a feature for video calls in nokia5230

  7. raju khan Says:

    the best is opera 10

  8. Pradeep Says:

    I want fast and flash browser skyfire

  9. qaisar naz Says:

    i want need for speed shift for my 5230 plzplz

  10. revantan Says:

    Opera Mobile Opera Mobile Opera Mobile Opera Mobile

  11. Watery Says:

    For need for speed go to and type it in search option.

  12. aditya Says:

    when i start my skyfire it say APN is not correct. I am using bsnl 3g

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