Nokia 5230 vs Samsung Corby S3650

iPhone has forced cellphone makers to launch toucscreen phones with capacitive display. Samsung has good range of capacitive touch phones but they belong to high end category. For the first time Samsung has managed to offer the cheapest capacitive touchscreen Corby S3650. Samsung Corby is an entry level touch phone which replicates user interface of Samsung Jet . Nokia 5230 also falls in the same price range but with different set of features.

Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230

Samsung Corby S3650

Samsung Corby S3650

Lets compare the 2 to know which is more suitable for you -

AppearanceBoth 5230 and corby are quite attractive, the former has a candybar form factor whereas the latter belong to block form factor with wider body.

Size and Weight – Samsung Corby is more slimmer and lighter than Nokia 5230. Its 12 mm thick with 90 g body weight. Nokia 5230 is 15.5 mm thick and it weighs 115 g.

Display – As i already told you the USP of Samsung Corby is its capacitive touchscreen with multitouch same as iPhone. Its Screen size is 2.8 inch with resolution of 240×320 pixels. Nokia 5230 has a resistive touchscreen bigger in size (3.2 inch) as well as resolution(360×640 p).

Memory - Nokia 5230 has 70 MB internal memory with Micro SD card support up to 16 GB. Samsung Corby  has 90 MB phone memory with card support up to 8 GB.

Software – Nokia 5230 is a smartphone based on Symbian Operating System (S60v5). It has new improved UI with support for kinetic scrolling and access to popular social networking sites such as  Facebook and Myspace directly from homescreen. Ovi service from Nokia offers  image and files uploads directly from phone. As 5230 is a smartphone it has multitasking and support for 3rd party applications.
Samsung Corby is a non smartphone based on Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI. It has a widgetized user interface  for creating  shorcuts in the form of widgets on homescreen. It has Samsung’s unique  smart unlock feature through which you can launch applications, games etc by drawing a letter on the touchscreen.

Hardware – Nokia 5230 has 434 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM. As Corby is a non smartphone so these figures are unknown.

Connectivity – In terms of connectivity 5230 has GPRS, Bluetooth, EDGE, USB, 3G and GPS. Samsung Corby lacks high speed connectivity options. It neither has 3G nor Wifi. It also lacks GPS.

Multimedia – Nokia 5230 offers excellent sound quality through earphones. Thanks to the standard 3.5 mm Audio jack. It lacks stereo speakers so audio through speakers is of average quality. Bigger and higher resolution display is a plus for watching movies and videos on the go. As 523o is a smartphone it supports 3rd party apps.You can watch DVD Rip movies in avi format through 3rd party applications such as smartmovie player.
Samsung corby lacks 3.5 mm audio jack. It offers good output through stereo speakers. It has adequate size display for videos but the screen resolution is quite inferior to 5230. Movies can be played only in Mp4 and 3GP format only after conversion as it lacks 3rd party application support.

Camera – Both 5230 and Corby has 2MP fixed focus camera without flash. However, 5230 camera offers top notch video recording at 30 fps and 640×480 pixels. Samung Corby has smile detection feature.

Additional Features – Both the phones have accelerometer sensor, but in case of Corby you cannot use it for automatic screen rotation. Nokia 5230 has proximity sensor for screen auto turnoff during calls.

Battery – Nokia 5230 has a more powerful 1320 mAh battery. Corby has 960 mAh battery.

Price – Unlocked Nokia 5230 and Samsung Corby S3650 are both priced at $199.

Conclusion - Samsung Corby is a basic touchscreen phone with the USP being capapcitive touch display. Nokia 5230 offers more value for money as its a Symbian smartphone, has got higher resolution display, 3G, GPS and 30 fps video recording. Both Corby and 5230 are cool budget phones. You can decide between the two based on your  personal needs.

42 Responses to “Nokia 5230 vs Samsung Corby S3650”

  1. sriats Says:


    When is this going to be released in India. I am eagerly waiting for the release to buy this..

    Please reply to this comment….

  2. Kunal Says:

    when will Nokia 5230 release in India,.
    i m waiting for it.

  3. waqyum Says:

    Hi, Sriats and Kunal. Nokia 5230 is available for purchase at for Rs 8490 -

  4. Regina Says:

    Thanks for this comparison. Since 1 month I have been using Nokia 5320. I think it’s really good and i’m feel suitable using this cellphone. But Corby S3650 also cool.

  5. aman Says:

    Nokia 5230 launched at a smart price of 8400 but is likely to sell in between 8100-8500 region wise..I m buying it soon..

  6. Garfield. Says:

    Bought Nokia 5230 for 8170 from delhi. great phone.

  7. nadeem Says:

    hi, im nadeem,
    friends nokia 5230 is very very very excellent,affordable attractive cellphone.
    my advice that if you decide a new phone within range so 5230 isvery good and unique .

    5230 camera is very good .good clearity…

  8. nadeem Says:

    corby is not bed but in camparision with nokia 5230 ,corby is fail in multifeaturing,camera,sensing etc. so 5230>corby

  9. jc Says:

    Nokia 5230 hands down! I bought mine last dec 7. Its 10,300 here in the philippines. It’s a good entry-level phone. But i wish i had the black one.

  10. rv Says:

    In my opinion , the capacitive screen of corby scores over resistive display of nokia 5230 at any time.

    I wish nokia had offered capacitive display at these rates.

  11. gopu Says:

    bought 5230 at 7600/-. great phone

  12. Jeniverre Says:

    This is my 6th mobile phone, but its my 1st touch phone! Hehe im loving it. 5610xm is still my lover but this 5230 is my fantasy!

    By the way, im also fr0m philippines but bought this ph0ne with only php8,190 on feb6. i also wish i g0t the other color, but white and pink l0oks pretty decent, hopefully battery coverz wil be available in the market so i can change it to lightblue and yellow. ü

  13. farhan Says:

    Where can i get this phone at 7600/- only?

  14. farhan Says:

    Is stylus available with nokia 5230?

  15. Lazze Says:

    Amazing!! Didn’t ever thought i would find a 5230 vs. s3650 ^^ I know wich one i will buy now ^^

  16. dr saurabh singh Says:


  17. Karthikeyan Says:

    NOKIA-5230 has a major disadvantage that no video calls can be made inspite of it having 3G feature..

  18. Raghu Says:

    I want to get Nokia 5230 but some doubts are there pls tell about nokia 5230 really its good or not. i want to know this pls reply me am waiting here thank you

  19. omar mukhtar Says:

    i am having both samsung corby and nokia 5230 when both the phones fell done from my hand the nokia phones front glass was broken but samsung corby did not got any repair i have sent my nokia 5230 phone i month before and i have not got it the sensing is very good in corby so i and my family prefer corby.

  20. lauren de kock Says:

    I’m buying the nokia 5230 this week, one thing i know, nokia can take a fall. just don’t drop it face down. My previous phone, nokia 5310 fell so many times and still worked perfectly. Eventually i threw it against the wall and cracked the screen, but otherwise, i will always choose nokia. Coz nokia is the best, easiest to use and lasts longest.

  21. Lokesh Says:

    I brought nokia 5230 one month ago. Its funtastic phone. But its major drawback is it doesnt have video calling. But its connectivity on youtube is great, you can watch any video without downloading.

  22. rajeem Says:

    nokia 5230 is a good phone . its camera & video quality is better

  23. rajesh bhumihar Says:

    all dis comments are confusing. I think 5230 is far ahead. Refrain corby move with 5230

  24. umang pathak Says:

    hi! nokia is better than samsung coz its resail value is more than samsung

  25. ashwini Says:

    this is make nokia as leading on s corby… always look des not matter with features.

  26. fardeen Says:

    hi! can any body tell me ……….in features nokia 5230 is better or samsung corby is better………!!!!!!!!!

  27. fardeen Says:

    Is 5230 is symbian or java

  28. yazi Says:

    just a simple small tips guys
    i bought my 5230 just last month and beforehand i lyk corby but i find out that nokia is a friendly user hanset you can easily access to your favorite networking sites and there are lots of tricks you can do to go online for free just by installina a great 5230 youll have both qwerty or alphanumeric virtual keypad that suits you.
    you can even hack the phone all by ur self so that you can doenload files w/o signing it.
    i guarantee you a hundred percent..5230 is a vrry wise choice of phone.
    im using it now in this website.
    available at the price of 7100php at shangrila shaw blvd PHILIPPINES.

  29. utkarsh Says:

    i just bought nokia 5230 and it works amazing. so i suggest everyone to go for nokia 5230 far better than corby

  30. dorito Says:

    i have the n5230. it is by far better than the corby. 5230 is an amazing smartphone, appearance is better, durability is better , features(camera,games , apps,e.t.c) are much better,you can personalize it to suit your self and it is unbelieveably easy to use generally. the corby is not awful but fails miserably next to the n5230! lol.

  31. srujan Says:

    worth havin this is the one which supports 3rd party apps and more.thats why i have purchased

  32. Ekaki balok Says:

    Samsung corby is far better …
    i knw
    caus i hv usd both

  33. Nraj Says:

    i did not decide who is better
    can you help me to decide a better phone. which I use my money in a safe way

  34. arpit lodam Says:

    5230 is great mobile……….
    corby is supered mobile than 5230………..

  35. ajek Says:

    you can customize ur 5230 as u want also web far better than corby as it has flash 3 ,multitabing as opera has and u can download many file at a time .its saves much time

  36. ajek Says:

    you can customize ur 5230 as u want .also web is far better than corby as it has flash 3 ,multitabing as opera has and u can download many file at a time .its saves much time

  37. arman Says:

    corby sucks

  38. farooq Says:


  39. prashant Says:

    wowww wat a phone 5230 in verry loowww price at only Rs5965 ..i m using 14th touch screen mobile…wow awesome mobiiiiiiiiiiiii…

  40. wayne zulu Says:

    im loving my nokia 5230, i used to think the 5800 version is better but i’ve noticed that there is not much of a difference

  41. rhea mae Says:

    its really cute i loike to buy this…

  42. noble Says:

    now a days android phones are far ahead in terms of specification,and also its the latest technology.try android device galaxy.

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