Nokia 5230 Secret Codes

Nokia 5230 Secret Codes

Nokia Symbian smartphones have few important secret codes which retrieve important information such as phone’s firmware version, imei number, bluetooth device address and can also come in handy for doing soft and hard reset. If Nokia 5230 is your first symbian smartphone you may be unaware of these secret codes.Let’s go through them one by one.

*#0000# – Shows software/firmware version. The latset Nokia 5230 firmware is v 12.0.089. Check the software version of yuor phone and if its not the latest one follow this Nokia firmware update tutorial.

*#06# – It tells the IMEI number of your Nokia 5230 mobile phone. The IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of each phone is different, its like finger print different for each and every mobile phone.

*#7780# – Soft Reset Code, It restores the factory setting without affecting your contacts, messages, files etc.It’ll ask for the lock code. The dafult lock code is 12345.

*#7370# – Hard Reset Code, on entering this code it’ll show you the same message “Restore all original phone settings” but this time it’ll erase all the data stored in the phone memory. So, use it only when some serious software problem occurs such as virus attack.Take phone meory data backup on memory card or PC  before doing hard format.

*#2820# - Bluetooth device address for manually connecting to a bluetooth device.

*#92702689# – Life Timer, shows total outgoing call minutes till date.

207 Responses to “Nokia 5230 Secret Codes”

  1. Ravinder Vij Says:

    I bought nokia 5233 three days back, but got disapponted. It is advertised and told that a Symbian phone can accept any third party softwares, But I regret why Nokia does not sell Symbian phones loaded with basic features.
    After purchasing the Nokia 5233, I was disappointed within 2 hours when I found :

    1) I can not create a new folder in music or Images section. Preveously I had created separete folders in Samsung D880 as Religious Songs, Gazals,Oldies, Latest Songs in Music Sectionn and Religios Wallpapers, My Family, My Shots and My Wallpapers in Images Section. It is very tiring job to find a particular song / Image among 500 songs / Images. You can only make playlists.

    2) You can not rename a file or a song or an image. You can search a particular song but first you will have to rename it from Track07 or 99MP3.

    I regret to buy this phone. Will any body tell me from where I can get thirdparty softwares for these basic features. My Mob: 09915578366

    { Ravinder Vij }

  2. sathish Says:

    hey just in the image and videos click option select any object u want and select option and organise now u ll creat a new folder dear

  3. shrikant Says:

    hi there…i am seriously sick with my nokia 5233..i want a folder and sms lock for this phone but m not geting it anywhere…pls help me and send me a link..thnx

  4. Ramki Says:


    I just bought a 5230 and am having trouble downloading Ovi maps onto the phone…Having downloaded PC Suite and Maps loader, I keep getting the message – waiting for phone…Am connecting through an XP laptop (if it matters)

    Can someone tell me what the problem is?

  5. Van Roben Says:

    is there any way to unlock my nokia 5230 ????thanks

  6. george greece Says:

    i have a problem with my music player.
    when i transfer music files in my device,music library fails to refresh and add the tracks in the mp3 player.i would appreciate it if you could give me a solution to my problem.
    thank you in advance

  7. matthys Says:

    can some1 please send me any valid nokia 5230 codes for adjusting its sound output meaning its speaker and headsets cause i cant seem to find it on google.please people

  8. prashanth Says:

    george greece
    in the music library folder, go to options and select refresh library.

  9. aditya Says:

    i am not able to reset my phone. it asks for a security code. i enter 12345( the default) but it does not work. please help

  10. hgoku Says:

    i just unlocked my nokia 5230. I want to do a hard reset as i cant install the new ovi maps becuse i get am unknown error -5 when i try to intall it. If i do the hard reset will i have to unlock the phone again

  11. Arvy Says:

    5233/5230 the best. Use your brain.

  12. Arvy Says:

    To hard reset the phone. Turn off ur phone then press the power button then press and hold the greeen, red and camera button at the same time until the shaking hands appear.

  13. Nitin Says:


    After keying in the passcode for pairing, go to 5230′s paired devices and authorise the device shown, after that it will easily connetc it everytime

  14. siddharth Says:

    ravinder 5233 is best in its range and also comes from a reliable company and it can make folders and can rename every media only what makes it worse is it does not support ftp bt connection and can’t save any message like games recieved frm bluetooth



  16. kidster11 Says:

    i have downloaded songs for my 5230 but cant set them as ringtones anyone knows how to fix this? Plz

  17. sangram Says:

    after using *#7370# &*#7780# i could not able to format my phone memory completly. Is anyone there who can help me??????

  18. Kaiy from Lagos, Nigeria Says:

    Ok. I kinda stumbled upon this site a couple of hours back when trying to find out about the latest firmware version and a thing or two about Maps. It’s SO USEFUL!! Have had my 5230 since late March and man, gotta say this phone ROCKS!!! Nokia did a pretty great job of ‘downgrading’ the N97/5800 here. Just discovered how NICE Ovi Maps is on this cool gadget..presently I’m in a rather ‘backward’ area of Nigeria (Benin City, Edo State) doing my schooling but I was surprised with the level of detail I got on the regional maps and even navigation (ALL OFFLINE!!)! My point is, you guys should try to use the Help function (in the phone) for some of the basic questions I’ve seen here..if you own the Nokia 5230 or Nokia 5235 (a.k.a. Nuron or 5230 Xpress Music) you have a GREAT gadget. Maximise its potential. Some of the complaints I’ve seen here are pretty basic stuff. Do your homework and you’ll get them fixed. And also try to download the full 5230 user guide (.pdf) if you can. The manual (from the box) is rather empty if you dig. And yeah, try out your pre-installed Maps (Ovi Maps) too. Have a swell day people!!!

  19. France Says:

    Arvi, Thanks a lot for resetting info. :) I got rid of system malfunction of my 5230.

  20. Paul McCarty Jr Says:

    Hey what a great site just bought my 5230 and love it can anyone tell me how to change the maps and altemeter to mile instead of meters?

  21. Bala Says:

    Hi frnds,

    I bought 5230 just a week back, Tried to transfer a video of 200MB through Bluetooth from my frnds N79, but cannot change the default storage for bluetooth to Memory card. Any help on this is appreciated.


  22. just post it Says:

    just need the unlock code so i can put a new sim card in please just post the code thank you

  23. Vijay Says:

    If you are facing aproblem while refreshing a music library. Just connect your 5230. then back up your music files anywhere. Delete them from music folder from device. Reconnect 5230 through MASS STORAGE. then copy music files to device & refresh music library. THAT’s IT.

  24. daksh Says:

    how can i make my nokia 5230 Ideal phone by latest softwares can you name them

  25. zaid Says:

    i have a problem when m sending a msg from nokia 5230 i m getting msgs easily but when i m sending its not working i was changing my sim but the problem is same i dont know what can i do can u tell me plz?

  26. ganapa Says:

    Dear friends
    iam not tech savvy. recently i bought 5230. could anyone please tell me how to pair this with my laptop ? can i connect my phone to laptop via bluethooth ?

  27. suresh Says:

    hey i have nokia5230…. but the problem is my memory card password is lost…. so is any way to recover password… hey guys plz post ur valuable waiting..buddies..

  28. Jagan Says:

    HI… i baught my Nokia 5230 Just on 17th July. and i checked on net for the software updates. I found V21 and i updated. after updating the software. Lot of features disappeared.. and again from this site i checked to give soft reset still no use. So finally i did the hard reset to get back my Phone to the original state. pls suggest me. How to find out which firm ware is suitable for my Mobile for the Airtel Operator in Bangalore, Karnataka state, INDIA.

  29. tads Says:

    for video transfering its best to use pc connect ur phone to ovi nokia suite via bluetooth and go to memory card its like using a flash card..

  30. austin Says:

    hey i need help how can i make folders for my pics?

  31. rahul Says:

    hey i want 5233 unlocking codes please help me

  32. nate Says:

    1st- To get unlock codes, you have to call your cell carrier. They will give it to you. Only they will have it, it is specific to your IMEI(No two phones have the same IMEI unless hacked)

    2nd- Folder for pics? Go to Applications > Office > File Manager. Click options > new folder wherever u want it.

    3rd- If you have questions, go to It is a GREAT resource!

  33. nate Says:

    Also for ringtones, go into the file manager(see my last comment) or plug your phone into your computer with Nokia PC Suite or OVI Suite, navigate to sound files(whether you saved on the phone or memory card). If you see the ringtones you downloaded in there, try moving them to Sound Files\Digital Sounds, or to your Music folder. I have files in both and can select them for ringtones.

    Also, best to rename them something like !!-filename so that they will show up at the top, rather than having to search through all of your audio files.

  34. sunil says Says:

    i have nokia 5230..i have some problems with switched off regularely and the phone memory is automatically get full..bhai thoda english adjest kar lena…

  35. bernice Says:

    I just got this phone and suddenly creen went crazy. There is a little red circle that appeats op the top right side corner and the screen keeps on popping up multiple times and wont stop even if i take of battery. Can someone please help me

  36. Sharon Says:

    yo necesitaria qe me digan como hago para utilizar la camara delantera porqe nose como se hace… :(

  37. DASS Says:

    hi frndz i have problem wit my nokia 5230 i need msg pswrd can anybody help me.

  38. sandeep Says:

    i want to hide my images & video from other person so pls i want a folder lock for this model pls help me for this

  39. suvo Says:

    can any body tell me whether nokia 5230 be used for video calling by using 3G sim card?

  40. Mins Says:

    If u forgot ur security code than u should do hard reset by PRESSSING GREENKEY+REDKEY+CAMERABUTTON+POWERON BUTTON WHILE POWER ON..


  41. seun Says:

    kaiy froom lagos….good point but then lets learn to appreciate what we have, i dont like your use of backward area….for God sake we r better than some countries mentioned here….just got the 5230 myself good fone though would try all wat u said bout map…..regards

  42. Robin Says:

    Just got 5230. Managed to delete icons for Maps, Settings and Radio when trying to re arrange menu icons. Any suggestions as to how I get them back?. Shop dont know. Thanks

  43. crazy Says:

    all nokia touch phone swich of your mobile phones press red,green,camera,power buttton at a time u get screen enjoy…….
    Note:all memory(phone) will be deleted

  44. Hutch Says:

    I have just brought a 5230, transfered some music from my PC, and got no sound.Looked closer and its coming out the ear piece rather than the (loud)Speaker.Same with videos.The sound is fine through earphones. If i set a music track as a ring tone that comes out the speaker.Please help!!

  45. Naveen Jangid Says:

    Sir, I have Nokia 5235 and I forgot my memory card password. Please tell me how can I crack my memory card password.

  46. purple28 Says:

    i have the nuron 5230 and about 2weeks ago the phone wont let me go into the ovi store, it shows a message ‘unable to connect to network’ i have a data plan everything works but the ovi store. My hubby has the same phone and he dosent have that problem, i called tmobile they told me i had to call nokia so i did nokia said i had to call tmobile tht they were blocking my use of the ovi store but i called tmobile again they said they dont, after that i called nokia and they said that they were upgrading the ovi store that every one has the this problem. To wait like 2 days i waited a week nothing. But my hubbys phone is perfect he can use his ovi store fine. Never had a problem.. Does n e one know how to fix this. I want to do the reser but what if it erases my kids pix and important contacts i need for work.? Plz someone help!!!

  47. Ken Says:

    I am having trouble with my caller ID. When someone calls I can see their number but not their name. Does anybody have a fix for this problem? My phone is a Nokia 5230.

    Thanks for your time.

  48. Amanda Says:

    i’m having problems with my nokia 5230
    i lost my email setting, you know when it shows on your screen your mails and facebook, well all that have dispeared:-( and when i tried to set it again, it does not wanna allow my email address it wants a new on.

    i have no ides whats happening.

  49. emili sanchez serradell Says:

    necesitaria un codigo para desbloquear el adobe reader le 2.5 y poder leer archivos pdf

  50. emili sanchez serradell Says:

    mi nokia es un 5230

  51. poornima hc Says:

    In my nokia mobile while connecting it to pc all the data folders wil become shortcut how to recover that data they r very important data plz help me

  52. Azim Says:

    i like nokia phones. Becouse no one like it. It is so diffrent like me…………. I Love You NOKIA…….. Azim

  53. numan rana Says:

    i have 5230 nuron i want a folder and inbox lock software if any one have plz send me .

  54. Kanishka Says:

    Maxxxxxa phone1,nice&elakiri phone1

  55. beststriker Says:

    i am facing a problem regarding the sensor. when i turned around my phone sidewards, the menu does not rotate.
    i restore my phone, it start rotating then but when i switch off my phone and again switched on, the same problem occurs, the menu not rotating….
    pls help wht 2 do. its the software problem or the sensor.

  56. Punit Says:

    m using nokia 5233 in phone gallery it shows all images and videos of my phone memory and memory card but i dont want let it show all pics and video in gallery any one plzzzzzzzz help me?????

  57. IzzO Says:

    Nokia 5230 can run lots of application Simultaneously and you can find lots of applications(hacked or unsigned) for s60v5 devices(It can be used as a palmtop if you have necessary applications).

  58. maxmrityunjay Says:

    i have hard reset my phone and my phone memory contacts deleted,plz. Tell me how i will get contacts

  59. Ravi Kumar Says:

    HI recently i purchased nokia 5230.It creats a enormous problems to me.It will automatically restarts when iam sending morethan 30 sms at a time and it will not support the third party software installations,so please aware abt this b4 u purchase.

  60. santhosh Says:

    hi i am santhosh.; i have a problem while connecting to pc from my mobile 5230.error692 is coming.can any one tell wht should i do

  61. santhosh Says:

    while connecting to pc for interne purpose erroe 692 i coming

  62. redundo Says:

    ihave problem in my phone nokia 5230 iwant code pls help me frds

  63. pawan Says:

    i have anew application
    it works in 5233 r 5230
    te p lication is password protected
    it locks messages/contacts/log/gallery/real player/music player/radio……e.t.c………
    it lock’s any installed applications in our mobile

  64. pawan Says:

    my email address z r
    mobile : 9494530035
    mobile application locker

  65. pawan Says:

    anybody wont
    plz mail me

  66. javed Says:

    i am also purchase nokia 5230 i have no problem if any body have any problem tell ma

    as santosh say he get problem at the time of connecting to his pc
    answer= download nokia ovi suite

  67. stephy Says:

    I Accedently formated my memory card nott the phone memory and i lost my messagess anyone can help me get them back ? i have no backup point :S plz help by email : ty <3

  68. john Says:

    Hello Purnima hc,

    It seems your system is infected with a virus about which I don’t know. I too had the same problem. You can recover the files by using a shareware software called “Bad Copy”. It worked absolutely fine for me. I could easily recover my folders. But corrupted folders cannot be recovered. Alternately you can try burning all those shortcuts on to a rewritable disc and all original files will be available except corrupted ones.

  69. nin Says:

    i have a problem when m sending a msg from nokia 5230 i m getting msgs easily but when i m sending its not working i was changing my sim but the problem is same i dont know what can i do can u tell me plz?

  70. sunny Says:

    one the bet mobile its better then 5800 instability too good go for it

  71. WALDO Says:

    i want to unlock my memory card, i cant remember my password. i have a nokia 5230. please help!!!!

  72. sreejith Says:

    hai frndzzz, want you hide your images and video. just goto getjar type folder hider and buy it. You can also hide your personal folders. Enjoy……

  73. ameya Says:

    there is a sys named folder in my nokia 5233what is it can you tell me

  74. ameya Says:

    sorry after doing *#7370# all softwares present in the phone from frist are deleted

  75. ice Says:

    thank you, my reformatting was very successful.




  77. sunil kumar Says:

    just need the unlock code so i can put a new sim card in please just post the code thank you

    in my email ID Or my mobile no 773737695

  78. sunil kumar Says:

    my phone is nokia 5230 IMEI – 357998-03-640790-9
    i am not able to reset my phone. it asks for a security code. i enter 12345( the default) but it does not work. please help in my email ID Or my mobile no 7737376951
    Pls pls pls to send me so thank u

  79. TUSHAR Says:

    my mobile is nokia 5230
    when i move folder from phone memory to memory card
    i cant no where my folder gone

    plz help me
    for restore my phone memory data folder

  80. deep Says:

    i hv a nokia 5230 phone.Everything is good but there is only one problem we can’t receive any files directly to the memory card which are send by bluetooth,we got it trough a message,so we can’t receive a larger file.

  81. waqyum Says:

    You can receive large files via bluetooth. Go to Menu>Messaging>Settings>Other>Memory in use and change it to Memory Card.

  82. vj Says:

    i recently bought a new nokia 5235. if i do the hard format of my phone will i still have the free one year ovi downloads subscription? pls reply. i’m waiting

  83. hallo Says:

    can some tell me about a code to loud the volume of my nokia 5230 because i hear music not loud

  84. shaunnie Says:

    Hey! So I downloaded over 300 songs on my phone and i was trying to download more songs today and my computer said “already on device”, so when i looked i unpluged my phone and it refresh my music library it said no data in the music folder. I checked my memory storage and I had 1.4gb left and I unlocked my memory card, so I know the songs are on my memory card just how do I access them?? PLEASE HELP!!

  85. Vlada Says:

    How can I start widgets on my Nokia 5230 Homescreen?
    Thanks in advance…

  86. joe barber Says:

    yo my dawgs is there any code so that my fone can make ma coffee

  87. kalyan Says:

    For the past two months i am using 5230, it came with 2GB memory card, when i want to upgrade the memory,i replace a new 8gb memory card instead of older one, but the phone does not recognize it,can anyone fix the problem?????????

  88. trevor Says:


  89. shashank. Says:

    i am using nokia 5233…only problem i hav is i cant receive any file directly into my memory card via bluetooth.there is no options like setting in please help me..

  90. nikita Says:

    i want to lock my 5233 sms folder…….i tried it several times but dint find plzz help meeeeeeee

  91. narendra Says:

    formatting nokia all models of 5800 to 5230
    when the phone not working properly or get stuck with softwares.steps follows
    1.remove the sim card and memory card .
    2.and press with little force of four buuons at a time (GREEN+RED+CAMERABUTTON+ON/OFFSWITCH)



  92. Rakesh Rawat Says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am facing trouble with nokia 5230. I have clicked a picture from the phone, now after clicking around 10 pictures. The first one moves to a lot. i mean to say “the first pictures creates lot of copy of the same picture & the last 15 to 20 pictures goes delete.
    pls let me know the reason & resolution.
    first time i am facing issue with nokia


    Few days before my nokia 5235 automatically called for phone update after its complision my mob is unable to connect to pc via pc suite.what shld I do ?

  94. sreenivasa rao Says:

    Dear Sir

    I had taken NOKIA 5230 Touch Screen with 3G Facility recently from Univercell Store, Anakapalli.

    Plz clarify what is the format for VIDEO File and what is the format for AUDIO File.

    Plz clarify the same at the earliest.


    mobile no. 97046 46644.

  95. ranjit Says:

    i have nokia 5230 t-mobile
    please send me unlock code
    thank lote

  96. shashi Says:

    i having problem with my gallery if any 1 know how 2 lock the gallery pls help me or sent the software link 2 my email pls……..

  97. gaurav Says:

    i hav got nokia 5230 &i transfered everything to my phone memory but actually it got full but i got a secret code *#7370# & it helped a lot
    a big thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  98. viliakass Says:

    hi i need unlock code for my nokia 5230 on the 3 hutchinson Ireland . phone imey 353763046901829
    plz send to mail

  99. sunil kumar Says:

    my phone is nokia 5230 IMEI – 357998-03-640790-9
    i am not able to reset my phone. it asks for a security code. i enter 12345( the default) but it does not work. please help in my email ID Or my mobile no 7737376951
    Pls pls pl zs to send me so thank u

    Frm sunil kumar sojat city Dis t pali raj.

  100. Mrugank Thakore Says:

    Hey how to change the default memory. Whenever i send stuff via Bluetooth 2 my phone, it goes in messages. I want to make my default memory as Memory card.

  101. rapika23 Says:

    guys is there possible to hide my number , like make my number not shown in other i did is srttings>call settings> send my caller ID> i choose NO but still shown my number in other phone. pls help .. from philippines…

  102. vikash choudhary Says:

    i am vikash and want a nokia 5230 (EFR) activation Codec (*#3370#)is not working for nokia 5230
    please if any body have the code then please send to email is

    Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)

  103. musti a Nigerian Says:

    my phone gives me a hell of virus attarck each time i receive or gives out any thing through bluetooth, am in love with the phone but tired of spending money on repairs(flashing) pls help me out! my mobile nums. are 08065766708.

  104. Adil Says:

    Somehow, I lost the display of “Messaging” folder in my main menu in Nokia 5230. I restored the factory settings too but still the same issue. Can someone help me out in getting it back.
    Thanks in advance.

  105. Kartikay Gupta Says:

    these just dont work

  106. jayesh Says:

    tell me how to hack nokia 5230 i cant hack this phone
    stuck with unpacking files f…k offfff

  107. sisir Says:

    how can i make my nokia 5230 Ideal phone by latest softwares can you name them

  108. GAUTAM Says:

    When i transfer some data via bluetooth from other to my Nokia 5233, it always choose phone memory. How should i change it to memory card, so that when i transfer from other device it should get transferred to my memory card?

  109. ayaz Says:

    hey Guys….
    Yesterday i bought 5230 used ….. When i put that code (*#0000#) …its show me 5235 ,,,, what is this …..
    pls….pls….pls…. tell me

  110. dinesh Says:

    when i transfer data from leaptop to my cell phone nokia 5230 by leaptop bluetooth my device will not connect who to connect?

  111. ishaan walter Says:

    hey if u want to tranfer vid or anything via bluetooth n getting msg’s like nt enough memory to perform operation thn just go to messages n then options in which a setting option thn select other n change the usage of memory to memory card….

  112. ishaan walter Says:

    if yr music sound is coming frm earpiece instead of loud speaker thn simply restart it dat prob arises due to excess use of bluetooth

  113. shaunak Says:

    friends,do u know how to get full version pdf reader for nokia5230 without any payment,if u hv any link please tell me,i’ll be very thankfull.

  114. ADITYA NEVE Says:

    my nokia 5235 has been locked by phone lock code and i have forgot my password then what to do?

  115. ankur Says:

    hi, i am nokia 5230 and i want to make a lock my personal folder so that other person cannot access my personal information. Plz help me out, how can i lock the folder or make hidden folder

  116. Abir Says:

    I done the hard reset again and again, but when the phone on, it need the security code, i put it 12345, but it said wrong code. Pls HELP ME ANY BODY

  117. johnny marais Says:

    hi my n5230 device cant read my memory card please help i just received it as a birthday present from my wife.

  118. Vishek Says:

    i have upadted my nokia 5233, but upadte is not completed and my phone screen is blank. may be it is test mode. how to recover my phone from test mode. ??

  119. Prateek Trivedi Says:

    @Abir ..go to the nearest nokia care or even a cell phone repair shop and ask then to flash ur cell..will take about 100-150 bucks.

  120. shivraj Says:

    just need the unlock code so i can put a new sim card in please just post the code thank you
    in my email ID

  121. david Says:

    can eny 1 help me i cant get my laptop to pair with my nokia 5230 useing bluetooth

  122. praises Says:

    i need the code to unlock my phone nokia 5228

  123. MANISH Says:


  124. Isaac Says:

    Please can anybody help me unlock my nokia 5230 with IMEI:357989/03/497648/3 and code :0592422 and type:RM-588 my email

  125. Stuart Says:

    Ive owned a 5230 for over 6 months now, its hacked and modded, unlocked and brilliant!! Plus The only place you can get unlock codes from is your network provider, there are no such code generators for bb5 phones.

  126. khaled Says:

    je telephone nokia5230 je veux un code silvous plais

  127. vijay Says:

    i wants to kown that how to formate my phone-nokia 5230…?

  128. sai Says:

    how to solve the nokia 5230phone security lock
    please reply me
    thank you

  129. MURUGAN Says:

    i have anew application
    it works in 5233 r 5230
    te p lication is password protected
    it locks messages/contacts/log/gallery/real player/music player/radio……e.t.c………
    it lock’s any installed applications in our mobile
    pawan Says:

  130. Jess Says:

    i brought a nokia 5230 the other day and is now very disappointed that everywhere i have been does not unlock this phone its really frustrating as i need this phone for work and important things can u help me by givin me a code to unlock it

  131. ali Says:

    my phone is nokia 5230 i am not able to reset my phone. it asks for a security code. i enter 12345( the default) but it does not work. please help in my email ID Or my mobile no Pls pls pl zs to send me so thank u

    Frm sunil kumar sojat city Dis t pali raj.

  132. masum Says:

    i have locked my memory card. it shows that enter password when i want to enter it. i have tried to enter the memory card by using different mobile…but same problem …enter password.
    i do not wat to format the memory card because of many important files.. how can i solve this problem…my mobile is nokia 5233

  133. SriraM Says:

    Having problem in rotate screen? Off the sensor then restart phone then on the sensor phone it will rotate

    Note : off the sensor if ur swich off the phone its safty for phone only 5233 & 5230 for more detail

  134. john Says:

    pls help me unlock my nokia 5230 code pls help IMEI 357989037511196,thank you very much,have a nice day.

  135. Asip Says:

    i have a problem with my music player.when i recieve mp3 songs from bluetooth, it fails to add the song in music library and it displays” general error”! plzzz tell me what to do my dear frens!! plz plz plz

  136. Kelly Says: lock your messages download a software ” MUMSMS+”
    google it…
    some will b installed and some will show find d rite one…
    n it really works..n it is an awesome software to hide your messages wich include your inbox, sent, drafts, outbox n my folder
    hope i helped.. :)

  137. Cassama Says:

    Please can anybody help me unlock my nokia 5230 with IMEI:353763046216632
    My email is


  138. immolation Says:


    If you mean security code, then if you have forgotten it you will have to do a hard reset.

    To hard reset the phone.
    Backup contacts to SIM and remove.
    Remove Media Card (SD Card).

    Turn off ur phone then press the power button then press and hold the greeen, red and camera button at the same time until the shaking hands appear.

    This will reset you phone back to Factory.

  139. MARCE; Says:



  140. Amir Says:

    I Want to format my Nokia 5233, plz help me to format easily (

  141. SayveWuner Says:

    The 1st guy to comment is f***in stupid. You can rename your music/pictures. And you can create new folders where you put your pictures

  142. cookie Says:

    hey i think i hav a virus.. I keep getting kicked off of fb or or my screen goes white with all kinds of symbols. How can i rid my phone of a virus..

  143. Sunny Says:

    yar mjhe tou koe memory card lock karne ka tareeqa batao?
    Memory card lock kar bhi lo tou files without password khul rahi hai?
    Plzz tell me how can i lock my phne
    my messages
    my video
    my pics

  144. vikram Says:

    i am using nokia 5233 and i have its certificate and key

    I am unable to use two symbian software at same time
    Also unable to connect to pc through ovi suite
    My email id is
    Its cool mobile
    Just have some useful software
    You can get useful software on
    Please help me

  145. frantz Says:

    The IMEI: 359341/03/213055/6
    TYPE: RM-593


  146. adil Says:

    hi i got nokia 5230 but when i receive any message it show only number not name.
    how i get rid this problem plz.

  147. mohit Says:

    hi my i have down load loctite for my nokia 5233 but i forgot password can any body tell me how can i break the password or remove that application

  148. kunal Says:

    i recently purchased a nokia 5233 but i m not able to use its maps software, plz help me..

  149. rose Says:

    pls i av brolem browsing with ma nokia 5230.even ate saving my network browser settings

  150. rima Says:

    hey people i need help i have some pic in ma phone so i want to create new folder and lock that folder which i m not able to do …plizz any one help me it is very imp

  151. nadeem Says:

    i hve forgot password of my nokia 5233 plz help

  152. Bo Says:

    Thanks for the tip on hard resetting the phone arvy. Answer #12 above helped me figure it out. Though, to be more specific – turn off the phone. Then, you need to press all 4 buttons simultaneously as you power the phone back up – power, red, green and camera buttons. I never saw a set of shaking hands – but the phone successfully reset and erased all the texts/photos/etc. I was trying to clear out the phone before trading it in/selling it.


    Arvy Says:
    June 1st, 2010 at 12:33 am
    To hard reset the phone. Turn off ur phone then press the power button then press and hold the greeen, red and camera button at the same time until the shaking hands appear.

  153. ashish Says:

    my phone is turn off during the day so many time some time restart and some time not. please tell how fix this problems

  154. vivek Says:

    5233 is a average phone. But it shows certificate eror . . When i instal a 3rd prt app. . how can i fix this. .
    Plz reply my no. 8092591573 plz sms :(

  155. Avinash Says:

    Hey i am using nokia 5233 since 8months i used to love my phone now what happened is when i am opening gallery its showing empty…its showing the images and videos …i tried to set that but i couldn’t i restared my phone i restored the settings but no use can u help me plezzzzzzzz………

  156. Evelienne Says:

    ik heb met mijn nokia 5230 een probleem
    met mijn deblokkeringscode. de codes op deze
    site werken niet kan iemand mij een code
    geven om hem gans te ressetten

  157. rip Says:

    hy i have a problem with my nokia 5228.i have lost the messages and galery icons on my menu. how can i get them back??

  158. mohsinkaleem Says:

    please tell me unlocking security code for Nokia 5233 and 12345 not works please tell me

  159. ammu Says:

    im havin nokia 5230… im not gettin smileys in my mobile. i had set animated wallpaper but its not animating.. can anyone suggest

  160. Biswa Says:

    Hi m using nokia 5230..
    I want 2 capture image silently wid ma nokia 5230…Can any1 help me!!!!

  161. anuj Says:

    i needed the code for hard reset…thanks…my fone memory after hard reset went up to 63.8 mb from 7 mb…m using nokia 5235…ofcourse everything got deleted…but i knew that and already had a backup for all the contacts and msgs….thanks…fone now working like brand new…

  162. chethan Says:

    try applocker for locking sms and folders

  163. Arun Says:

    In m mobile of NOKIA 5233 one application that is edit image this option is there in my mobile when i select any image and the option of edit image in the option button it was not working just it will returns back to the images,video gallery. What i have to do? Give me a solution o me.

  164. rajen Says:

    hai lost my bluetooth connecting software plz send that software.

  165. himel skwt Says:

    My handset Nokia 5233 when i play music & back to home screen the player are not show. Whats the problem tell me please??

  166. Janakachary Says:

    Hi frinds…
    I have a nokia 5230 much times it’s formet no prablem.Iam allready done hard formet two times.please tell information my mail (

  167. kleber Says:

    muito bom… resolvi meus problemas.

  168. shivam Says:

    there is a problem in formating my phone memory on pressing *#7370# .. My phone is not accepting the phn’s default password(12345) plz help me

  169. ROBIN Says:

    Hi friends would you please tell me how can I install the third pirty software mainly a ttpod music player.thank you very much.BYE

  170. peter Says:

    hi i forgot my lock code for my nokia5230 how can i get it off???? can someone pls help me

  171. Hecate Says:

    Ok… I got a nokia 5230 for my birthday about a week ago… And my laptop passed away a few weeks past. The problem is that everything that i download i have to do it throubhthe phone… Now i downloaded adobe reader le 2.5, but it s a trial version and i can´t get a unlock code that s not on .rar or a crack gen. Can someone help?

  172. akhilesh singh Says:

    hiiiiii i’m using nokia 5233
    some1 changed my lock code
    i’ve to format my cell
    so plz tell me how can i format???
    plz help me …………

  173. hemanshu mahanoori Says:

    i am using nokia 5230 for last 6 months and it is working totally fine… Not even a single problem.. I guess it is the best phone one can ever have

  174. Bhupesh kandpal Says:

    Now My Mobile is very ok Thank your very much.

  175. Rajesh Says:

    i need to hide some images and videos, can you help me plz…?

  176. Melissa Says:

    Hey guys I have a Nokia 5230 which i want to unlock from a UK Orange network as I now live in Thailand. I know I have to get the IMEI number but there’s a problem. I can enter any codes as the phone is “offline” as there is no SIM in it (I now longer have my UK SIM and it obviously doesn’t recognise the thai one yet) any ideas how I can get round this? I have tried hitting the power button to try and select “general” instead of offline but to no avail.. any help most grateful

  177. pakistaniii Says:

    thank u so muchh

  178. pakistaniii Says:

    you solved my major problem i think your heart full of sincerty because for sharing a such a information you really a good person ALLAH BLESS u always…and u get more and more knoledge however u can convey us from many other information

  179. dansen Says:

    5233 sucks big time… i personaaly recommend not to ask for nokia 5233 when you drop into a store to buy a GOOD phone….

  180. Simer Says:

    I purchased a second hand nokia 5233 how do i verify its purchasing date. Is there any secrete code or tip to find out purchasing date in nokia 5233

  181. unni Says:

    how can i format memory Card in nokia 5233

  182. akash patel Says:

    i want to lock my 5233 sms folder and menu…….i tried it several times but dint find plzz help meeeeeeee

  183. christophe Says:

    heb een probleem ben mijn persoonlijk wachtwoord kwijt hoe kan ik die terug kraken voor een nokia 5230

  184. archie Says:

    the ringing volume is so soft, is there any way to increase the volume with a code?????

  185. Pranay Says:

    re cookie: Have a hard reset of your phone, or get ur softwae updated. Backup you imp. data

  186. andy Says:

    Just bought 5230 phone and it is rejecting my sim card.i have done the hard format but to no avail. I need ur help please.

  187. kaiser Says:

    hi, i managed to hardlock my nokia 5230 phone while trying to unlock it with some unlock codes, got it from t-mobile usa, can you help me please on how to unlock? imei is 359341033467213

  188. rinkel Says:

    hey sir i’ve buy ma new handset nokia n96 and i’ve connected it to a samsung laptop and i’ve a memory loaded in my mobile bt jst few minutes back i lost ma phones pic’s my memory card is curruptd and ma phones data is also gone bt i can see evry thing in cumputer bt can not get it by any way…..!

  189. rinkel Says:

    plzz help me there is 3000 pic’s in my mobile……!

  190. kevin Says:

    cookie, go to ovi store and downoad kaspersky mob. sec. for nokia 5230. a 30 day trial

  191. Sindhu Says:

    mene memory card set se bahr nikala r fr insert kya to mre sare msg gaeb ho gaye, r memory card me dkhayi de rahe he par mobile me nahi plz koi tareqa bataye ke mre msgs show ho plzzzzz
    contact num p sms kre: 03073319659

  192. Sindhu Says:

    my msg has been hidding since i take out the memory card from mobile n when i insert it the msg are not in the mbl but it show in memory card,,, plz send me some instruction that how to come theme back

  193. aqib Says:

    i have a nokia 5230 i want to know where my phone memory goes beacause all my data is in my memory card…. Is it a defect and it also hang for sometime. Unless it is a good phone.

  194. ???? ?????? 5230 Says:

    iwene secyorte network for nokia 5230 pleesssssssss

  195. muzakkir Says:

    i am using nokia 5230 and my phone is not showing any photo or video in the gallery and then my music player is not refreshing new sangs that i download or copy to it but in filemanager all cuntents are available plz give me any solution

  196. racheal Says:

    How do you changed your messaging ringtone and make it were you can hear it?

  197. kevin zou Says:

    I need help…. My phone won’t let me change the time and date because it says System Error. What can I do????

  198. Sahil Says:

    12345 default lock code is not being accepted by my cell…and I have not changed any code wat myt bt the lock code ???

  199. hitesh Says:

    i have just bought anew 5230nokia phone and the box does not contain cd how will idownload pcsuite

  200. layzievher Says:

    i have tried hard resetting my phone via pressing green, red, camera, then power botton. it was reset successfully, but i was asked for the ‘lock code’ which i don’t know. i have tried 12345, 00000, 000000, but no luck. is there anyone there who can help me here?

  201. Aloo Says:

    Hi in my 5233 sms software have been deleted plz
    tell me which sms software should i dwnload

  202. Nokia5230 Says:

    Plzz envoyer flach ou code nokia5230 de maroc dans la msn svp,!

  203. ulhas Says:

    hi……..m using nokia 5230….is there any software or code which shows mobile is out of coverage area.

  204. Devbrat Says:

    my mobile 5235 dauflt password donot support

  205. rohit Says:

    thnxxx my phone problem solved

  206. malik360 Says:

    i have problem with my nokia 5230.microphone not working during call but the sign of microphone connect are show.plz guid me

  207. JohnSoe Says:

    I just updated my software version to and now I don’t get my mobile anymore connected via bluetooth to call handsfree in my car. Does anybody know what to do please?

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