Nokia 5230 GPS – Free Voice Guided Navigation

Nokia 5230 GPS

Nokia 5230 is probably one of the cheapest touch smartphone with built in GPS receiver. GPS stands for global positioning system. It comes in handy while traveling. If you going to a new place and are looking for a restaurant,bus station etc GPS can guide you by plotting route to your destination.GPS is usually a feature of high end smartphones. So instead of getting a standalone GPS device which is going to cost you at least $100, you can get Nokia 5230 by paying a little more.

Nokia 5230, big high resolution display is a plus point and can easily replace a standalone GPS device. To make the navigation even more easier, Nokia introduced a voice guided navigation feature which was given for a 30 day trial period with all Nokia GPS phones till now. Only the dedicated phones such as Nokia 6110 navigator or 5800 navigation edition used to have it free, for lifetime. As Nokia 5230 is a budget smartphone, even the trial version of voice guided navigation is not offered. The good news is that recently Nokia announced that voice guided navigation is made free for all Nokia GPS smartphones, Nokia 5230 included. So what are you waiting for, download the latest version of OVI maps either directly from your phone -

Nokia 5230 GPS


Download it from here.

13 Responses to “Nokia 5230 GPS – Free Voice Guided Navigation”

  1. Fad man Says:

    nice, but plz tell me how used GPS, is any activation required from telecom server? Thanx

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi there, just download the ovi suite an you can update maps from there. You’ll need to download the maps (via the data cable) if you want to see streets (otherwise it is just blank).
    The GPS just works – it doesn’t require any data transfer from your network provider (Vodafone, Telecome, 2o).
    No activation needed

  3. bops Says:

    please help. can i get the navigator to connect straight to the satalite. beacuse when i lose internet coverage the navigation is lost too

  4. ALANKAR Says:

    hey lisa i just bought the nokia 5230
    i need to know more detailed info on the gps!!!

    plz help me!!!!!!

    email me on

    thank you……..

  5. Rajesh Says:

    Using GPS on 5230 in India requires these steps.
    1) Download the India maps using oviSuite onto your computer.(Alternatively you can download it directly to your mobile).
    2) Saving the service provider internet(GPRS) settings as it is.It usually goes as an uncategorised internet setting.Make it default if it asks you when doing the same. Menu->settings->connectivity->Destinations->uncategorised.
    3)Unfortunately the ovi map application(AGPS) cannot use this uncategorised setting. so select it then options->manage->move to destination and select internet .
    4)Now agps settings needs to be done.Go to Applications-location-positioning-positioningserver->accesspoint and select it and change it to the service provider saved one.
    5)Now you are all set.switch off and switch on and viola your gps is ready.

  6. tan Says:

    nokia 5230 gps is free?want money?how much…please tell me….my handphone is 0169305212

  7. Abhi Says:

    where i can download this INDIA MAPS

  8. Jayant Says:

    Thanks Rajesh. I could start GPS positioning now.

  9. Rajendra Says:

    how can i got my nokia 5230 handset…. it`s stolen by somebody

  10. sinruwng Says:

    i nee to get india map

  11. sinruwng Says:

    i need ths software install in my cell phones

  12. david Says:

    necesito mapas recientes

  13. david Says:

    necesito mapas recientes para poder viajar por la isla de Puerto Ric

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