Nokia 5230 Games

Here comes the collection of some of the best Nokia 5230 games. The best thing is that all the games are free and ready for one click download. Download the games and install it via PC Suite or transfer it to phone and do the installation. Enjoy touch based, motion based and location based games on your large 3.2 inch Nokia 5230 display.

Touch Piano -

Nokia 5230 Touch Piano

Download Tab

Touch Guitar-

Nokia 5230 Touch Guitar

Download Tab

Touch Manuever-

Nokia 5230 Touch Manuever

Download Tab

The Journey-

Nokia 5230 The Journey

Download Tab

SPB Puzzle-

Nokia 5230 SPB Puzzle

Download Tab

Block Go Lite

Nokia 5230 BlockGo Lite

Download Tab

Alphabet Word Search

Nokia 5230 Alphabet Word Search

Download Tab

Tic Tac Toe Lite

Nokia 5230 Tic Tac Toe Lite

Download Tab

Speedtouch Lite

Nokia 5230 Speedtouch Lite

Download Tab

Labirynth Lite

Nokia 5230 Labirynth Lite

Download Tab


Nokia 5230 Solitaire

Download Tab


Nokia 5230 Matchem

Download Tab

Climate Mission

Nokia 5230 Climate Mission

Download Tab

Climate Mission

Nokia 5230 Boomshine

Download Tab

I’ll keep on adding more Nokia 5230 Freeware games to this post. So keep visiting for regular updates. You can share your favorite games or leave feedback through the comment form below.

63 Responses to “Nokia 5230 Games”

  1. AJ Says:

    where are the Links!!! i can see only Games name

  2. Shiv Says:

    Try raging thinder its a great motoin sensor game

  3. TrickShoot18 Says:

    Hi, i have an annoying problem with my nokia 5230 , almost every game play on it has that stupid control board underneath the game .My question is : how can I disable it ?

  4. tictactaylor Says:

    How to disable control board, simple, go to SETTINGS, Application mgr, Installed apps, select app and adjust ‘suite settings’ to keyboard OFF’

  5. harshali Says:

    please paste raging thunder
    and compare with nokia 5235

  6. telem bishworjit Says:

    Thanks for these applications. I would like to download games for racing in sisx format.

  7. saikrishna Says:

    i would like to have action games

  8. gail Says:

    i took off my keyboard then i cnt play cz my ph is a touch screen. I also dnt like the keyboard. Do all the games come with those keyboards.

  9. chota Says:

    touch guitar and piano say they dont support my phone (5233). HELP!!!!

  10. tshering Says:

    wow graaaaat

  11. Aditya Says:

    thnx man

  12. daniyal Says:

    hey nice website.. plzz upload more adn cool gravity games in sis format.. plzz

  13. daniyal Says:


  14. Fad man Says:

    plz also place ragging thunder game, its v nice. plzzz

  15. n@th@n Says:

    more games for our phone please? ?

  16. daredevil Says:


  17. Mathias Says:

    Please post other links then from the Ovi, for some reason then I can’t download apps. and games useing ovi at my cellphone :(

  18. deepak Says:

    where can i get raging thunder game ? ? ?

  19. venky Says:

    i need more adventurous games for my nokia 5230. Where can i get them.

  20. seun Says:


  21. Suvam Says:

    Hey tictactaylor, The suit settings are not displaying in my nokia 5230. Please tell why it is not displaying. Is it matter from which country. Then please tell me which country do you are and please tell your software version. I am from India and my software version is 20.0.005. Please help me……

  22. Watery Says:

    I think it shall have a software like voyager or find out in the settings there will be somewhere

  23. Nhu Says:

    i downloaded the game piano onto my computer, how do i get it to work on my phone[Nokia 5230]?
    please help.
    thankyou! :)

  24. Nag Says:

    hey folks… i downloaded Raging Thunder on my new 5230 which i bought very recently. But i dont find “keyboard off” option in the application manager.. please help…:(

  25. krishna Says:

    wow nice

  26. suvo Says:

    can video call be made by nokia 5230 ?

  27. neelesh Says:

    thanks!!!!!!!!! it works great

  28. muhammad hassan Says:

    i like it!!!!!!!1 that,s really amazing……….

  29. yousaf Says:

    the control board can be disabled ….Go to the Application mngr ….
    select game ….go to options then open suit settings …..on screen keyboard off…..

  30. mohan Says:

    thnk u vry much..
    hope ill get some more applications..

  31. jassim Says:

    plz send the address to download ranging thunder for free to

  32. sebastian paul Says:

    there is no car racing in this site

  33. Grace Moran Says:

    how can i register at ovi store.. gusto q kc mag download ngmga games..

  34. kimmy Says:

    does it really works?the touch piano and touch guitar!response plz coz i’m gonna try it..:)

  35. bhargab Says:

    Is there any virus problem in touch piano????????

  36. LindaDnl Says:

    The games that we can download directly are helpful. I don’t use data on my phone and the Ovi site only allows you to download from your cell phone via text messaging a web link. I’d like to see more apps available via download & install through usb. Thanks!

  37. CJ7 Says:

    can u post the raging thunder game link? thx

  38. vinay k Says:

    plz upload motion sensor racing games like NFS…
    i hate wen i c my friends playin it on their samsung touch screen phones…..
    plz upload it fast, i want show them nokia touch phones r supercool…

  39. vinay k Says:

    plz upload motion sensor racing games like NFS for 5230.. it should b of full screen..
    plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzz

  40. anoop Says:

    where is the link?

  41. Bhuvi Says:

    Please anyone tell me wher to get global race raging thunder which is there in nokia5800…….. Plz help am in need of it

  42. vamsi Says:

    Hi can any one help me about software installation in 5230 touch

  43. trung Says:

    help meeee!where ‘s “raging thunder”.i’m vietnamiss.not good at english

  44. waqas Says:

    hello how r u all friends

  45. vinay kumar Says:

    hey,,,,,,,we need wrestling games

  46. vinay kumar Says:

    hey..we need more games

  47. fran Says:

    the touch piano and touch guitar no worck in nokia 5230 onli in nokia 5800

  48. jafargad Says:

    thanks for the games, they are nice

  49. Mihir Says:

    hey…….. plz upload bounce touch for nokia 5230……….

  50. akash Says:

    plz. upload motion sensor games for nokia5230

  51. giovanni Says:

    bei giochi…complimenti al creatore o chiunque sia xD

  52. usman Says:

    can’t find what i want

  53. Sharan Says:

    Hi… Raging thunder game was working fine… But i deleted some of the system file in my 5230. Now it’s not workin…. Help me plz……..

  54. Satyaveer solanki Says:

    I like games from here easily found & comfortsble

  55. Satyaveer solanki Says:

    I like games from here easily found & comfortable

  56. eetu Says:

    I cant found that piano game in my phone where is it???

  57. ???? ???? Says:

    nokia nokia nokia oooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  58. bingyiforever Says:


  59. srinivas ashtekar Says:

    hi this games are not downloadable. A download symbol is just acting.

  60. MethanXU Says:

    Thank you. I’ve just added Speedtouch Lite, Labirynth Lite… and Climate Mission to my Nokia 5230.

    What I’m also looking to download is a fullscreen Sudoku game that keeps a record of how long it took to complete.

  61. gopi Says:

    i want 5230 motion sensar to downlad that

  62. Jame$5230 Says:

    Bem que podiao postar algum comentario sobre o jogo..

  63. Lawson Says:

    I dont understand,almost all the games I dowload wont install.plz, wat do i do

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