Nokia 5230 Email Setup

Setting up an email account on Nokia 5230 is a few step process.Just enter your mail id, password and you’re done.With this email client get to know new emails instantly with a beep. Sending mail is also easy.You canĀ  attach files as well as download attachments. The screenshots below will help you to setup email easily. You can access all the popular email services including Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail etc.

Nokia Messaging

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 1

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 2

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 3

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 4

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 5

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 6

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 7

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 8

Nokia 5230 Email Setup 9

11 Responses to “Nokia 5230 Email Setup”

  1. G Cv Says:

    Hey, do you know?
    Firmware 21.0.004 is out!

  2. jerome Says:

    yeah! i just updated and I cant setup my email. i guess it’s not supported in d philippines cause ever since i bought my phone, it just wont work.

  3. tendai Says:

    bought 5230last week, m failin 2 get correct settings 4 my yahoo mail, m in zimbabwe,pliz help

  4. amit kapatia Says:

    its pretty simple and works very need to pay to blackberry for push mails
    Just have free from nokia messaging.
    Its so simple and great!

  5. Naresh Says:

    Where is the download link

  6. NORMAN Says:

    i cannot open up my attachments

  7. hx Says:

    Both hotmail and yahoo can’t show email folders I have. And I am not able to select multiple emails to delete – have to delete one by one.

  8. Damu Prabhakar Says:

    My attachments do not get opened. Can anybody help ?

  9. yogesh Says:

    can anybody help me how to access gmail in nokia 5230

  10. victoriliescu Says:

    Can you please tell me how to get my Nokia Messeging user account & pass . Nokia says that my email is the username and my password is the password but is not working.

  11. milan Says:

    OK, it works. And when I would like to canncell email in my 5230? Please advise!

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